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IT Solutions
for Your Industry


We have an excellent reputation for taking great care of the medical community for over 20+ years! We have extensive experience in supporting specialists such as neurologists, cardiologists, gastroenterologists, pediatricians, orthopedists, and many others. We also successfully interface with dozens of EMR's, EHR's, and other practice management software. CHTS also offers robust solutions for HIPAA Compliance. We are widely considered an expert in medical IT support!

Professional Services

CHTS has years of experience with professional services such as CPA's, attorneys, veterinarians, realtors, financial advisors, trade associations, mortgage companies, and property managers. No matter what your field, we have the expertise to support your technology needs.


Trade workers are relying on IT solutions more than ever before. CHTS can build out the right network to support the technology that is driving your field. We have experience with construction companies, electricians, food distributors, entertainment, restaurants, sports teams, clothing manufacturers, and more.


CHTS supports governmental agencies such as transportation, municipal water districts, environmental entities, military support organizations, senior citizen wellness programs, and others. Many agencies are subject to specific technical regulations - we can help you find the right IT solutions to stay up to date with government requirements.


The non-profit world has distinct IT needs, and CHTS knows how to help! Our clients include churches, home owners associations, ministry centers, and charitable organizations. Additionally, we proudly offer discounted services for organizations that are serving our local community. 

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