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Why are US gas prices over $1 higher than last year?

There are multiple reasons which factor into gas prices but one reason may surprise you…ransomware!

Last month our common enemy, ransomware, exposed a weakness in our nation’s infrastructure when the Colonial Pipeline was ransomed for around $5 million. Security insiders suspect that the attackers used the same tool they would use on anyone: phishing. A Pipeline employee was likely tricked into opening a bogus email, downloaded malware, and gave the attackers a foothold to gather more information.

This was a targeted attack promising a large payout, but there are countless other attackers who are going after easier targets. Protect yourself and your business by following these steps:

  1. Implement phishing awareness training and detection

    1. Educate your organization about fraudulent emails.

    2. Delete unrecognized and suspicious emails and alert your IT partner.

    3. Ask your IT partner to install software to scan and detect phishing attempts.

  2. Use multifactor authentication wherever possible

    1. Setup two-factor authentication on all possible accounts right now.

    2. Install an authenticator app on your smart phone – this is a more secure option than text or voicemail.

  3. Perform a comprehensive security review

    1. Schedule an in-depth physical review of your network with your IT partner to reveal security improvements.

    2. Make your network too secure to be worth an attacker's time – most are lazy and go after easy targets first.

CHTS can help you with Security Assessments and much more. Call Zac King today at 719-304-6563 to learn how to protect your business!

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