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The Manager You Have Been Neglecting For Too Long 🔐

CHTS recently performed an audit of our internal username and password credentials and we confirmed over 200 sets! How many passwords do you think you use in your office? It’s more than you think! Are you positive you know who else has access? We know we shouldn’t share passwords (or cooties!), but many organizations are still guilty of having shared logins for their staff (yuck). What if someone with full access leaves the company under hostile terms…how much damage could they do using that shared login?

So how are you supposed to remember a unique and strong password for each site that meets all of the security requirements (there’s a lot of them too)? And no cheating and putting them on sticky notes or even in an Excel sheet! The easy answer is…you can’t remember all of them! That’s why, according to SplashData, the most commonly used password in 2021 so far is “123456”.

Every CHTS Team member uses a password manager because we need to securely store unique passwords, limit the amount of people who can see them, and be able to change the passwords whenever needed. Password management tools are a very cost effective way to properly secure and control access to everything your business does.

Don’t leave your entire organization’s security to chance. Talk to your IT professional today to see if a password manager is right for you!

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