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Team Member Minute: The Importance of Password Management by Director of Client Success John Gabriel

You need a password manager

I won’t bore you with statistics because none of them will surprise you. But most people (myself included!) are very bad at managing passwords. They write them down and store them insecurely, they reuse passwords, they use passwords that are easy to crack or guess, etc. And most people have so many account names and passwords that it is very difficult to just keep track of them, let alone make them secure.

That’s why many years ago I set myself up with a password manager. A password manager can relieve your frustrations in the following ways:

  1. Organizes your credentials

  2. Stores them in a secure location

  3. Creates unique, randomly generated passwords

  4. Auto-fills website credentials

  5. Automatically backs up credentials

  6. Works with your mobile phone, laptop, tablet, etc.

Individual accounts range from free to low cost, and business accounts are also very affordable. Ask us how we can help you get rid of those binders and sticky notes and begin using a secure system today!

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