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It's Time to Invest in Cyber Insurance

It’s almost 2022. Do you know where your cyber insurance policy is?

You need to be fully prepared for a Ransomware attack. It only takes one person in your organization to be fooled by a phishing scam and compromise the integrity of your network.

Your IT company tries hard to protect you, but they cannot guarantee the safety of your business from the unpredictability of a cyber attacker.

To help be prepared, follow these important steps:

  1. Conduct yearly security reviews – Networks change more often than most people realize, and it is essential to assess your current risk and take steps to remediate new vulnerabilities.

  2. Maintain a remediation handbook – This document details the steps to take in the event of a breach and relevant contacts such as IT, insurance agents, attorneys, law enforcement, public relations, etc.

  3. Purchase Cyber Insurance – Contact your insurance agent ASAP if you do not have a cyber insurance policy. If you have a policy, schedule a review with your agent as recommendations and limitations change quickly. (Note: The average cost in Colorado is $1500 annually for $1 million in coverage.)

To schedule a security review or learn more about how to protect your network, please contact Zac King at (719) 264-1384.

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