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It’s 8:00am. Do You Know Where Your Data Is?

It’s another beautiful morning in Colorado and ransomware attackers from all around the world are busy stealing data and launching attacks on businesses in our local community! We continue to hear reports of ransomware attacks against businesses right here in our backyard.

Don’t let your guard down! To help prevent your data from being lost, it is critical that you recognize these 3 security practices:

  1. Don’t maintain valuable data on desktops/laptops as they are usually never backed up.

  2. Keep your backups in an offsite location that is not on your network. If an attacker gains access, your backups are the first items they will delete.

  3. Microsoft does not backup your Office 365 email, OneDrive, SharePoint, or Teams Data. You must purchase a 3rd party backup solution.

Other important points to consider:

  • Keep more than one copy of any critical data.

  • Data on portable devices like flash drives should be encrypted.

  • Mobile devices (laptops, mobile phones, etc.) should also be encrypted and password/PIN protected.

CHTS can help you with Security Assessments, Cloud Storage, Password Vaults and more. Call Zac King today at 719-304-6563 to learn how to protect your business!

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