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How Long Does It Take To Hack My Passwords?

Using passwords is part of life for the dozens of accounts we access every day. They can sometimes feel like a nuisance, so we create a short and sweet word and then use the same one for most of our logins.

The real danger with that decision is technology has made it simple for hackers to figure out your password. Look at the graphic below and you might be surprised to learn just how quickly your accounts could be compromised.

Security experts now recommend using a passphrase that is at least 12 characters long (and preferably longer) and contains a mixture of numbers, lower and uppercase letters, symbols, and even spaces. Passphrases should be easy to remember, easy to type, and have context. For example:

  • Facebook password: Socialfunwithfriends2022!!

  • Bank password: My place 4 money$$$

  • Fast food website: Comfort food 4 2day!

To schedule a security review or learn more about how to protect your business, contact Zac King at (719) 264-1384!

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