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How do you Keep up with the Fastest Changing Industry in the World?

Only 11 years ago, these products didn’t exist:

  • Instagram

  • Lyft

  • iPads

  • Pinterest

Now we have robots that vacuum our house, light bulbs that change color with voice command, and cars that drive themselves.

Technology has changed our daily life and continues to evolve every year at an exponential rate. So why do so many businesses run their entire organization on technology that is 10, 7, or even 5 years old? While various reasons might be given, the result is almost always the same: those businesses are way behind the curve and must make significant investments to make up for lost time.

While updating your business technology may seem expensive, the cost of old technology is far higher in terms of lost productivity for your team, dangerously outdated security, and more.

CHTS can perform a full network scan and give you a report that shows which of your computers are out of warranty, what security risks you have, and even reveal information about your company that can be found on the dark web.

Contact Zac King (Client Relations Manager) today at 719-304-6563 to learn more.

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