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FBI Releases Urgent Warning for Health Care Sector

The FBI issued a strong warning earlier this month, stating that there is an “increased and imminent cybercrime threat” to healthcare providers. Three Federal agencies reported they have credible information that Ransomware and other targeted attacks will increase soon against the health care sector. Colorado Hi-Tech Solutions saw the need for increased security over a year ago and created an internal security committee. During the past year this team has invested significant resources to research and develop more sophisticated solutions to help all businesses protect their technological assets. John Gabriel (CHTS Owner and Director of Client Success) said, “Most MSPs do not have enough experience in security services and products to be able to adequately protect their clients. Our team has invested countless hours in research, training, and thinking about security from a global threat point of view. We now have solutions that security companies charge tens of thousands of dollars for, but we can provide them at a much lower cost.” Please contact Zac King at 719-264-1384 to learn how CHTS can help you stay ahead of attacks against your business.

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