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CHTS Partners with the Center for Internet Security

Cyber-attacks are constantly increasing and CHTS is committed to helping our clients mitigate this risk. We are proud to partner with the Center for Internet Security (CIS) to share security recommendations based on the industry standard framework that CIS has created.

CIS is a nonprofit organization with a mission to make the world’s networks safer by promoting secure best practices. Colorado Hi-Tech Solutions has invested significant resources in implementing these best practices on our own network. While the information may seem complicated at first, we hope our newsletters will make the recommendations easy to understand and actionable.

The CIS framework consists of 18 controls that are organized by importance. Recommendations are then divided into 3 implementation groups (IG) based on the needs of the business.

Control #1 is Inventory and Control of Enterprise Assets. You cannot secure what you don’t know you have. It is critical to have an accurate inventory of all assets (computers, tablets, phones, etc.) that have the potential to store or process data. Additionally, there should be a weekly check for unauthorized assets that have been added to the network.

CHTS is happy to assist you with your organization’s inventory and make recommendations on how to monitor it. Call us at 719-264-1384 and ask to speak to your Team Manager.

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