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Are Tools Enough?

IBM recently released their annual “Cost of Ransomware” report, and it showed that the most common way that breaches in the last year were detected was not using tools or vigilance from staff, but by third parties and law enforcement who were already investigating the attackers.

The idea that a single tool is enough to keep you safe is proof that the marketing industry is alive and well.

If you’ve been following our newsletters, you’re no doubt familiar with the term cyber hygiene. To truly secure your network the first step is to determine everything that needs to be protected, then you need to put the proper security controls in place, and after that real work of continually reviewing and updating those controls begins. So far, we’ve laid out the Center for Internet Security’s controls 1-6 in previous newsletters, and if you have questions about those controls, please contact your team lead or vCIO for additional information.

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