ESI Phone Systems

Regardless of which model you select, an ESI Communications Server will serve your needs now and for years to come. This fully flexible communications platform can support both digital telephony and IP-to-the-desktop in any desired combination. ESI Communications Servers also deliver massive expandability and the greatest functionality ESI has ever offered.

VIP PC Attendant Console

ESI Phones and Phone Systems

Presence Management

ESI + RFID = A unique solution for your business

  • Presence Indication
  • ESI’s Personal Call Routing
  • Documented Tracking of Users’ Work Hours and Attendance History
  • Watch Presence Management in Action

ESI Bluetooth Integration & Cellular Management

  • Make and Receive Cell Phone Calls Directly from your Desktop Phone
  • Direct Cell Phone Calls Directly to Your Desktop Phone
  • Watch How the ESI Bluetooth Integration can Enhance Your Office