IT SupportIT Support & Security

CHTS has a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer the best technical support for your servers, workstations, networks and other devices.

From disaster recovery plans and security analysis to managed services and network performance analysis we partner with your growing company to keep your business running smoothly.

Network CablingNetwork Cabling

CHTS takes pride in the quality of our work and we warranty all installations, large or small, for 10 years.

Cat6 certification is also available for verifying the quality of your network.

We cover all types of low-voltage cabling including computer networks, telephones, security cameras, LED lighting systems, and more.

VOIP Phone SystemsVoIP Phone Systems

We offer VoIP and SIP phone systems which integrate with your computer for the ease of managing calls.

CHTS offers hosted VoIP systems for those who want the advantages of VoIP without buying a whole system.

CTAP makes business phone systems affordable by ensuring new hardware without the up-front costs.

Redwood Commercial Network LightingRedwood Commercial Network Lighting

CHTS has partnered with Redwood Systems to bring you the latest in energy efficient, building-performance, LED lighting for best-in-class energy savings and cost-effective facility monitoring in a single, flexible platform.

LED lighting boasts a long list of advantages and the list grows even longer when you combine it with a Redwood lighting system. This system can bring a savings of over 75% on your electric lighting bill and allows you to evaluate more than just your lighting usage costs. The system also measures ambient light, occupancy and heat providing rich data on how a building is lit, heated, cooled and utilized to help run operations more efficiently.

Remote Support and MonitoringManaged Services and Monitoring

CHTS offers superior services through our managed services. Our managed services product generates reports to give you an up to date overview of the status of your network and address problem areas.

On the business side you get predictable bills to budget for and no limit on number of hours used or requests for support. On the IT side, you can feel secure that we’re remotely monitoring your network and systems 24/7 to keep them stable and catch issues before they affect your business. This allows for shorter or eliminated down time and keeps your data one more layer secure from hardware failure.